Things to do


There is plenty to see and do in and around Wageningen. A flyer with tourist information, attractions and activities can be downloaded here. The app 'A taste of Wageningen' for mobile devices is freely available at Google Play and iOS App Store. The app contains 7 walking and cycling trails in and around Wageningen.

A cozy cinema ('Heerenstraattheater') is located in the city centre (Molenstraat 1B). Do not miss the 'Wageningen Mountain' experience. This is 42-m high ice-pushed hill (with Cambisols) that is proudly referred to as 'The Mountain' by the locals. On the top there is the Botanical Garden ‘Belmonte’ with pretty views across the river plains. This makes it an excellent place to enjoy a summer evening. From the arboretum you can follow the pretty 'Bergpad' (Mountain trail) to the city centre.

Fancy some history? Join a city walk through historic Wageningen: City walk historic Wageningen and Guided Tours in and around Wageningen or take a look around at the Wageningen city museum: Museum De Casteelse Poort. Art lovers can sample the sculpture collection at gallery Het Depot.

In the city centre you find plenty of places to eat and drink, from simple eateries to fine dining in Michelin star restaurant 'O Mundo' in Hotel de Wereld. The largest concentrations of bars en restaurants are found at the Market (Markt) surrounding the church. Good choices are 'eating pubs'  'H41' (Herenstraat 41) and 'Buurman & Buurman' (Markt 18); and restaurants 'H'eerlijk' (Organic; Herenstraat 47), 'Colors Wold Food' (Markt 15), 'Het Oude Pakhuis' (Molenstraat 4) and (a bit more posh, O Mundo's sister) 'Drinks and Bites' (Markt 9).

Pub 'De Vlaamsche Reus' (The Flemish Giant), opposite the entrance of the Church on the Market square, boasts the largest selection of beers in Wageningen. Another popular choice for drinks is 'De Zaaier' (Herenstraat 33) which has a large Jenever collection (Dutch Gin).

Around Wageningen

  • Visit the Grebbeberg. The Grebbeberg forms the southern end of the ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’, a 50 km long ice-pushed ridge west of Wageningen. The ‘mountain’ rises steeply from the Rhine floodplains to a height of 50 m. There are some excellent hiking trails with impressive views across the Rhine river plains. At the Grebbeberg the fiercest fighting in the Netherlands took place during the German invasion of the Second World War. Now it is the location of  a Military War Cemetery.
  • Cycle along the dike of the river Rhine to nature reserve the ‘Blauwe Kamer’, which is located in the Rhine floodplains at the foot of the Grebbeberg. Good for hiking and bird watching.
  • Explore Castle Doorwerth
  • Enjoy a large Van Gogh collection in the Kroller Muller Museum (also offered as post-conference excursion)
  • Journey back in time in the Holland Open Air museum in Arnhem.
  • Visit the Airborne Museum in Arnhem and learn more about the Second World War in the Netherlands.

Hollandsche Cities (Dutch Cities): try something different than Amsterdam!

  • Delft
  • Leiden
  • Haarlem
  • Den Haag
  • Alkmaar
  • Utrecht

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

  • Texel: visit the largest and most accessible of the Wadden Sea islands. The Wadden Sea is is the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud-flats in the world and is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage. Take a direct train from Ede-Wageningen to Den Helder. In Den Helder, take the ferry to texel (check ferry, website)
  • Hoge Veluwe National Park: Explore the forests, heaths and drift sands of one of the largest natural areas in The Netherlands. Take the bus from Ede-Wageningen Train Station to Otterlo. Grab a free white bike and enjoy!

Explore some fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites in The Netherlands

  • Kinderdijk: a unique connection of 19 from the 18th century wind mills that were build to drain the Alblasserwaard. A masterpiece of Dutch water engineering.
  • Schokland: a former island in the ‘Zuiderzee’ and now incorporated in the polder. An archaeological monument full of beautiful treasures. A place between land and water, where people lived for centuries, engaged in a constant struggle against nature.

For more information visit, the official website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions.

There are also a number of social events being organised during the Pedometrics 2017 conference. See our social program for an overview of activities.