Getting to Wageningen


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the most important international airport in the Netherlands.

Other airports with good (train) connections to Wageningen are: Brussels Airport (Belgium), Dusseldorf Airport (Germany) and Frankfurt Airport (Germany). Budget airlines serve Rotterdam Airport (Netherlands), Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) and Weeze Airport (Germany).

Public transport

The most convenient mode of transport from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Wageningen is by (direct) train to station Ede-Wageningen. From there, there is a regular bus service to Wageningen. Bus lines 84, 86 and 88 all serve Wageningen Bus Station; lines 86 and 88 serve Wageningen Campus. All bus stops and a taxi stand are on the north side of the train station (turn right after going down the stairs from the train platform). Expect to pay around 30 euro for a taxi ride to Wageningen city centre and 20 euro to Wageningen Campus. Reliable taxi companies include:

  • Taxi 0318 (+31 (0)318 646 666 /
  • Taxi Leewis (+31 (0) 317 425 425 /

Both taxi companies also provide an airport service. Expect to pay around 90 euro for a one-way trip to or from Schiphol Airport when pre-booked. Both companies also serve other airports. Schiphol Airport also provides a travel taxi service.

Detailed travel information, including useful websites, can be found here, including the Dutch public transport journey planner and the journey planner of the national Dutch Railways.

A YouTube movie on how to reach Wageningen from Schiphol Airport can be found here.

If travelling by train, please note that the traditional paper railway tickets are only available from selected stations. They are available from Schiphol (airport train station) and Ede-Wageningen train station. Paper tickets can be bought at all hours at these locations from the ticket machines. Bear in mind that few types of cards are accepted by these machines and it is best to use cash.

For wider train travel, the paper ticket has generally been replaced by the 'OV chipcard' ('OV chipkaart' in Dutch), which is a public transport travel smart card. It can be used in all forms of public transport in the Netherlands. More information about travelling with the OV chipcard can be found here and here.

International train tickets can be booked through the National Dutch Railways (NS).


If you need to change your local currency to Euro, then you should do this at Schiphol Airport. There are NO possibilities to change money in Wageningen. The closest exchange office is at Arnhem Central Train Station (30 min by bus from Wageningen). Note that credit cards are not regularly accepted (rarely in supermarkets for example) but most cards will work with local ATMs. Some cards such as UnionPay can only be used at specific ATMs - please check beforehand.