200,000 years of landscape and soil formation in the surroundings of Wageningen: consequences for current day use

The Saalien ice age has set the scene for today’s landscape around Wageningen: the cover ice reached the area and deep depressions and pushed moraines were formed. Since then, the landscape was further shaped by a combination of climate change, geomorphological processes, soil formation, vegetation dynamics, and human influence. This excursion tells the fascinating story of this dynamic landscape, its spatial variability, and discusses the consequences for current day use.


preliminary TIMETABLE

9:00        Departure at Hof van Wageningen.


9:00 - 16:00     Bus tour around Wageningen, including coffee breaks and a lunch in “Dutch Fieldwork Style”. At numerous stops the story of the landscape will be told and illustrated with soil profiles and a large variety of landscape elements.

16:00        Arrival at Hof van Wageningen.

Costs per person: € 60,- 



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